April 23, 2024

Throw Away Thursdays Vol. 8


This has nothing to do with today's Throw Away but... Fact: Because I write in all capital letters and because my lettering often runs very close together, when I write the word "flick" or the name "Clint", my editors make me use a lower case "i"... Think about it. It's not that funny, but at least you can say you learned something.   … [Read more...]

Throw Away Thursdays Vol. 7


When this panel was rejected, I didn’t really understand why.  My editor e-mailed me to say that we couldn’t use it because of the animal cruelty factor.  The explanation didn’t make sense to me so I called him.  The conversation went something like this:   Me:  Why can’t we run this panel?? My editor:  Because readers may take offense at what they perceive to be cruelty to animals. Me: Oh, C’mon!  I love all of God’s creatures!! My editor:  I know, … [Read more...]

Throw Away Thursdays Vol. 6


For today’s Throw-Away, I wanted to let you sample one of my more high-brow panels.  I wanted to show you one of my more sophisticated gags...one that shows off the more elegant, refined side of my sense of humor. Instead, I went with this one. The inspiration comes from a real life experience.  Not long ago, a woman I had recently begun dating posed this very question.  It was embarrassing, awkward and flattering all at the same time.  Flattering that she noticed, awkward that she … [Read more...]

Throw-Away Thursdays Vol.5


I doubt you need any explanation as to why this Throw-Away was rejected.  I suppose I didn’t see it at the time, but in hindsight, it’s evident that the sophomoric humor was just too much for mainstream newspapers.  And please don’t think that my “adult” themed panels are the only subjects that are taboo in comics.  There are tons of prohibited topics. For instance: 1) diabetic muppets 2) women with mustaches 3) non-recyclers 4) the filthy rich 5) the filthy poor 6) the filthy … [Read more...]

Throw-Away Thursdays Vol. 4


When this panel ran in newspapers a couple of years ago, I was surprised to find that one major metro paper pulled it.  Some of you may remember that I commented on it back then.  This is what I wrote: "Wtf? A major metro newspaper pulled today's Argyle Sweater for "innuendo." I'll be the first to admit that my mind, at times, wanders into the gutter. Today's comic, however, wasn't one of those times." I did ask why it was pulled and was told that, because the beaver was a woman, it was … [Read more...]

Throw Away Thursdays Vol 3


First off, sorry for the late entry.  It’s been a busy day but, hey - better late than never, eh? Alright, today’s throw-away is a rough that never made it to production.  And again, my roughs are very rough - so today you get the opportunity to see the kind of chaotic scribbling my editors have to put up with...  And this is one of the more refined selections.  Ha. Anyhow, if you haven’t seen The Godfather you may not get the reference for today’s panel - which, I suppose, … [Read more...]

Throw-Away Thursday Vol.2


It’s time, kids!  Time for the second edition of Throw-Away Thursdays!  This week’s panel was pretty messy and I since I had a little extra time, I inked up a version that might be a bit easier on the eyes.  Anyhow, I was never really given a reason as to why this one was rejected.  I suspect that the double entendre was just too much for mainstream newspapers.  I can say that while looking at houses a few years ago, I remember thinking it’d be funny to say this nonchalantly to the … [Read more...]

Throw-away Thursdays


New year, new leaf to turn over.  In an effort to post here and on my Facebook page a little more, I’m introducing "Throw-away Thursdays".  Each Thursday, I plan to pull back the curtain just a bit and give you guys an opportunity to see some of The Argyle Sweater cartoons that were rejected - along with a brief explanation (or apology).  Some weeks it may be a completed/fully inked panel that was pulled at the last moment, while other weeks it may just be a rough version that never made it … [Read more...]


As many of you know, due to newspaper production schedules, comics are generally produced 4 weeks in advance.  This gives newspapers time to create page layouts and make or request editorial changes.  It also gives syndicates time to edit and react in the event that a particular comic might need to be replaced or altered.  However, there are moments when even a 4 week lead time isn't advantageous.  In light of yesterday's events in Connecticut, today's Argyle Sweater panel is bit … [Read more...]

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Calendar Season

Want to see your dad cry tears of joy?  Want to hear your mom exclaim, "This is better than jewelry!  I don't deserve such wonderful offspring!"  Want to make your wife squeal with the kind of sheer ecstasy that usually only occurs while you're away on business trips?* I know what you're thinking...  How, Scott??  What could possibly guarantee such joy to the people I care about most?? Well, fasten your suspenders because here's the answer: Argyle Sweater Calendars.  They're … [Read more...]