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I try to respond to everyone that's written and noticed that there seem to be a few recurring questions, which I will hopefully answer here:

Q: Why did you name your site, "The Argyle Sweater"?
A: Because, "The Argyle Cummerbund" was taken and "The Argyle Girdle" just sounded plain silly. Actually, there's no real reason. It just sounded right.

Q: Where do you get your cartoon ideas?
A: From the Cartoon Idea Repository in Hartford, Conneticut, of course.

Q: Do you accept ideas or jokes?
A: Generally speaking, no. But I never say never.

Q: You suck.
A: That's not a question.

Q: You suck?
A: Still, technically not a question.

Q: Why do you suck?
A: Damnit.

Q: Where can I get a print of one of your cartoons?
A: e-mail me with the date of the comic and I'll send you a link where you can purchase the print.

Q: Your site's not updating. Why?
A: Contact Darren Stevenson at http://www.linkedin.com/in/darrenstevensontexas/

Q: How can I get The Argyle Sweater in my local paper?
A: If you'd like to see my comic in your paper, send a polite e-mail to your paper's editor requesting it. You'd be surprised how much of an impact a few voices can make.

Q: What's your favorite tv show?
A: I love them all equally.

Q: I'm offended by your comic on (insert date here).
A: Again, technically not a question, but I do apologize for that comic on (insert date here). I don't know what I was thinking.




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