July 13, 2024


Interviews/articles UPDATED 04/07/2008:An article in the Houston Chronicle.An article in the Independent Mail in South Carolina.An article in The Deseret Morning News in Utah.An article in The Dubuque Telegraph Herald in Iowa.An interview with Studioloo Magazine.------------------------------------------------Okay kids, gather ‘round. I’ve got a story to tell…On Monday April 7, 2008 – one week from today, The Argyle Sweater will officially launch into newspapers. So far, I’ve got a … [Read more...]

Just a Note

I’m sorry the updating has been so sporadic lately. I’ve got a lot of irons in the fire right now but I'll try to start updating the site more regularly soon. In fact, after the launch, I’m hoping to improve the functionality of my site by building in an automated updater. Just remember though, that you can always visit GoComics at your leisure or subscribe to mycomicspage.com to have ALL of your favorite comics e-mailed to you for $11.95 for a full year, or subscribe for free to my … [Read more...]


In one of my more lengthy topics, I recently blogged about my journey to syndication. The, “How did it happen?” question came up a lot in e-mails from readers and fellow cartoonists – so I addressed it in my blog. Another question I frequently receive is from new cartoonists asking for advice, so again, I’ll use my blog to tackle that topic as well.However, before anything else, let me first say a few things regarding the subject of advice:1) I’m probably not the best person to … [Read more...]