April 23, 2024

No, It’s Not an Autobiography, but…

the first Argyle Sweater Book is here (actually, I think it's available for pre-order - but it'll be here in March). xNow, I know what you're thinking...Why read the book? Why not just wait for the movie?To answer your questions,A. we all know that the movie is never as good as the book and B. There is no movie. Anyhow, next month you can walk (don't run - there's plenty for everyone) into your Barnes and Noble or your Borders bookstore and purchase your very own copy. OR you can pre-order it … [Read more...]

iPhone update

Uclick's GoComics web app is the number 1 web app for the iPhone!Click here to see the top 10 list.Also, The Argyle Sweater's first year of comics is now available as an iPhone application!Downloadable in 3 volumes, you can now purchase over 300 Argyle Sweater panels and view them on your iPhone for only 99 cents per volume.Just go to iTunes and search for "The Argyle Sweater." Tomorrow: Argyle Sweater Book news! Woo-hoo! … [Read more...]