April 23, 2024


I thought I'd start using this blog to, every once in a while, highlight the work of other cartoonists and their comics. Some of the cartoonists are friends, some are just acquaintances, some I've never spoken to at all. The common thread is that they all produce good comics that are worth reading and have, at some point, been part of the Comics Sherpa website. Jonathan Mahood, Scott Metzger, Pab Sungenis, Bill Bettwy, Jarrett Osborne, Alex Hallatt, Justin Thompson, Rick Ellis - these are … [Read more...]

The Case of the Missing Sunday Comic

I've gotten e-mails from several people asking where the Sunday 7/16 comic was.Here's the answer: I don't know for sure. I remember preparing to upload it and even logging into the ftp site. What I don't remember, is why I didn't upload it. I remember my phone ringing as I was preparing to upload and my only guess is that I stopped what I was doing to answer it. After finishing the call, I must have assumed that I had already uploaded my comic and shut down my computer. I dunno. In any … [Read more...]

This morning I received an e-mail from a reader informing me that yesterday's comic (7/8) was offensive. The reader went on to explain that the term "Injun" - or in the case of my comic, "engine" - was considered a derogatory term by Native Americans. I'd not only heard the term used in Loony Toons cartoons as a child, but I'd heard the expression "honest injun" throughout my life and was ignorant that there was a negative connotation associated with it. In fact, I'm part Native American … [Read more...]


The iPhones are here and they are the coolest gadget to hit the market in... well, they're the coolest gadget ever. However, coolness comes with a hefty price tag - if you can spare the $500-600 though, you can toss your razr, your ipod, and your laptop (and everything else) aside to make room for the all-in one iPhone. It does pretty much everything but shine your shoes:Thought this was pretty funny too. Apparently people here in Dallas stood in line for hours (as I'm sure they did pretty much … [Read more...]