April 23, 2024

Throw-Away Thursdays Vol.5

I doubt you need any explanation as to why this Throw-Away was rejected.  I suppose I didn’t see it at the time, but in hindsight, it’s evident that the sophomoric humor was just too much for mainstream newspapers.  And please don’t think that my “adult” themed panels are the only subjects that are taboo in comics.  There are tons of prohibited topics. For instance:

1) diabetic muppets 2) women with mustaches 3) non-recyclers 4) the filthy rich 5) the filthy poor 6) the filthy middle class 7) the butterfly stroke (brain hemorrhaging in any type of flying insect is no laughing matter) 8 evolutionists 9) creationists 10) origamists 11) man-titties 12) Shia LaBeouf 13) Megan Fox’s thumb 14) left handed people  15) Women with acute Angina (wink) 16) Men who masticate in public (and with their mouths open) 17) Naval Seamen 18) People who say Liberry instead of Library 19) feminine hygiene products  20) beavers 

Anyhow, I obviously never used this panel and ultimately, to appease the masses I replaced it with a comic that was completely inoffensive, bland and generic.  You know, like Jay Leno.

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