April 23, 2024

Свитер Argyle

Not long ago, I came across a web site that had a collection of my comics on it. I’ve seen websites do this before, so nothing unusual there. What’s really intriguing to me is that the site is in (I think) Russian. Yep - someone has taken the time to go through a good portion of my comics and translate them into Russian. And the really fascinating part, to me, is that they didn’t just translate the word balloons or the commentary – they translated everything. Words in the background such … [Read more...]

Veterans Day

I am not in nor have I ever served in the armed forces. I do however have a lot of respect and admiration for those that have served or that still do. I can’t even pretend to imagine the selflessness and love for your country it must take to put your life in harm’s way in order to preserve the American way of life and protect the beliefs of those whose views you may not even share. There are a lot of brave young men and women who’ve given their lives and limbs for this country and even … [Read more...]

Let’s do launch!

There are two new features that have recently launched and I think both are worth mentioning. I’ve become friends with the creators of both comics and think that both of these guys are excellent writers and as well as great humorists.The first feature, which has actually been online at its own website for several months now, just launched today (11/05/07) at GoComics. It’s called Pinkerton and it’s created by Mike Witmer, the author of another popular feature, 44 Union Avenue. Over the … [Read more...]