July 13, 2024

Comic Strip Superstar

For those unaware, Amazon.com and Universal Uclick have sponsored a contest to find the next Comic Strip Superstar (that's the name of the contest). Back in September Universal accepted thousands of submissions from writers, artists and cartoonists all over the world for entry into the contest. The grand prize winner receives a book publishing contract (including a generous advance) and is considered for a newspaper syndication contract as well. The first round was narrowed down to 250 … [Read more...]

Better Than the Mayan Calendar…

Yep. They're available now - the 2010 Argyle Sweater Calendars! That's right, I said calendarS with an "S". Plural. Meaning more than one! It's a great gift for yourself and also makes a great stocking stuffer or birthday present. There's the desk calendar with 313 full color pages of daily panels.on the back of each page is something extra - trivia, puzzles, etc. and it's available online or in stores at Borders, Barnes and Noble, Calendar Club and Amazon. OR if you prefer, there's the … [Read more...]

Regrets, I’ve Got a few

I get a lot of e-mails – probably 98 percent of it positive. But once in a while, I do get complaints from people who’ve taken offense to a particular panel I’ve drawn. Sometimes I feel like they may have misinterpreted my comic’s intent. Other times I feel like they understood its intent perfectly but may just be too easily offended. And still other times after reading a reader’s e-mail and then re-reading my comic, I agree that I might have crossed the line. Today is the first … [Read more...]