July 13, 2024

Don’t Feel Like Dancin’

Some genius thought it would be funny to apply my face to this and then sent it to me.After seeing it, I think...They were right. It's hilarious!I've since learned that the site allows you to easily create your own - which I did, using my friend's faces. After watching it over and over and giggling to myself, I sent it to them.Have fun with it. … [Read more...]

Coming to a news site near you

Every once in a while, I get e-mails from readers informing me that their local news website does or does not carry The Argyle Sweater. Thanks to those who've inquired.For those interested, here's a partial list of some of the sites that carry my comic:Amarillo.comEast Valley Tribune.comSentinel and Enterprise.comFOX 23 (Oklahoma)CBS WFRV (Wisconsin)CinCW (Ohio)CBS WHPTV 21 (Pennsylvania)FOX16 (Arkansas) NewsWatch50 (New York)9 WSYR (New York)KVOS (Canada)WOAI (Texas)ABC 4 (Utah)NBC 15 … [Read more...]

First Post

Hi everyone. Welcome to my blog. I've deleted the News section from my website and replaced it with this blog. I've also incorporated the previous News entries into the blog's archive.Stay tuned for more :) … [Read more...]