April 23, 2024

Throw Away Thursdays Vol. 8


This has nothing to do with today's Throw Away but... Fact: Because I write in all capital letters and because my lettering often runs very close together, when I write the word "flick" or the name "Clint", my editors make me use a lower case "i"... Think about it. It's not that funny, but at least you can say you learned something.   … [Read more...]

Throw Away Thursdays Vol. 7


When this panel was rejected, I didn’t really understand why.  My editor e-mailed me to say that we couldn’t use it because of the animal cruelty factor.  The explanation didn’t make sense to me so I called him.  The conversation went something like this:   Me:  Why can’t we run this panel?? My editor:  Because readers may take offense at what they perceive to be cruelty to animals. Me: Oh, C’mon!  I love all of God’s creatures!! My editor:  I know, … [Read more...]

Throw Away Thursdays Vol. 6


For today’s Throw-Away, I wanted to let you sample one of my more high-brow panels.  I wanted to show you one of my more sophisticated gags...one that shows off the more elegant, refined side of my sense of humor. Instead, I went with this one. The inspiration comes from a real life experience.  Not long ago, a woman I had recently begun dating posed this very question.  It was embarrassing, awkward and flattering all at the same time.  Flattering that she noticed, awkward that she … [Read more...]