April 23, 2024


As many of you know, due to newspaper production schedules, comics are generally produced 4 weeks in advance.  This gives newspapers time to create page layouts and make or request editorial changes.  It also gives syndicates time to edit and react in the event that a particular comic might need to be replaced or altered.  However, there are moments when even a 4 week lead time isn't advantageous.  In light of yesterday's events in Connecticut, today's Argyle Sweater panel is bit … [Read more...]

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Calendar Season

Want to see your dad cry tears of joy?  Want to hear your mom exclaim, "This is better than jewelry!  I don't deserve such wonderful offspring!"  Want to make your wife squeal with the kind of sheer ecstasy that usually only occurs while you're away on business trips?* I know what you're thinking...  How, Scott??  What could possibly guarantee such joy to the people I care about most?? Well, fasten your suspenders because here's the answer: Argyle Sweater Calendars.  They're … [Read more...]

Seeing Double


It's pretty common for cartoonists to come up with similar or even identical ideas.  It happens quite a bit actually.  It's a little more rare to have the same idea and have them run on the same day - which is what happened for tomorrow (or today 12/7/12, depending on when you're reading this).  My comic and Glenn McCoy's "The Flying McCoy's" panel both have a panel depicting The Grinch waiting to use a porta potty with a caption that plays on the line from the original television special, … [Read more...]