April 23, 2024

Throw Away Thursdays Vol. 7

When this panel was rejected, I didn’t really understand why.  My editor e-mailed me to say that we couldn’t use it because of the animal cruelty factor.  The explanation didn’t make sense to me so I called him.  The conversation went something like this:


Me:  Why can’t we run this panel??

My editor:  Because readers may take offense at what they perceive to be cruelty to animals.

Me: Oh, C’mon!  I love all of God’s creatures!!

My editor:  I know, Scott.  That’s why that cocker spaniel still has a restraining order against you.

Me: Hey!  We’ve all done things we regret!  If you’ve ever sat through an HBO “Country Strong” marathon then you know what I mean!


Seriously though, anyone who knows me, knows that I would never hurt an animal.  Although, I do have this recurring fantasy where I push 3 cows off of the Empire State Building causing them to fall to their deaths.  But enough about the Kardashians…


Anyhow, I guess what I learned was that dead animals aren’t meant to be in comics and should be left where they belong… On top of Donald Trump’s head.  Zing!


  1. Frank says:

    I am in awe of your ‘tooning.
    Really good stuff.
    I have aberrant thoughts all
    the time that I think are funny
    and you make my day (Thursday).

  2. DIANE says:

    I like that “i” thing.

    For years I have written R with a capital on the chalkboard (at school) as a teacher because my baby ‘r’ s look like V’s. It’s true.


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