July 12, 2020


Fasten your seat belts, tighten your weave and put your dentures someplace safe because what I’m about to tell you is going to blow you away…

A survey in a recent edition of Better Homes and Gardens asked its readers:  “If you were stranded on a deserted island and could bring only one luxury item, what would it be?” Do you know what the top 10 most common answers were?

1) matches

2) blankets and pillows

3) a stylish t-shirt

4) intimidating pet clothes:  here, here and here

5) a bedazzler

6) Amazon Kindle

7) 2012 Argyle Sweater day to day calendar

8 ) do it yourself tooth extraction guide

9) low testosterone pajamas

10) 2012 Argyle Sweater weekly wall calendar

I’m told that the calendars would’ve ranked higher but most readers considered them a necessity rather than a luxury.  I have to agree.

Anyhow, the 2012 calendars are now available – and as always, I’ll remind you just before the holidays in case you’d like to grab a few for your loved ones.  After all, if  the special people in your life don’t get Argyle Sweater calendars for Christmas – are they really being loved?

Find them here:


Barnes and Noble

Calendars.com (they have 5 – that’s right, FIVE different Argyle Sweater calendars)



  1. Sundays…? This is the second Sunday in a row that your strip is “image not available”. Is this a website issue, or have you joined the Wall Street protests… :) > Looking forward to the Sunday’s returning…. /dave

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