July 12, 2020

525,600 miiiiinutes x 3

As of today, that’s how long Argyle Sweater has been in syndication.  Yep,  3 years ago today, The Argyle Sweater was born into the domain of newsprint.

Yes, it was actually around on the web for a year or two even before that, but I consider that the gestation period.  April 8th 2008 is the day The Argyle Sweater’s head crowned from the internet’s birth canal and leapt into the magnificent and dangerous world of newspapers.  (And yes, I’m aware of how beautiful that sounds)

So, nestle into your couch this weekend with multiple bottles of Chablis and Shiner Bock and, of course, your favorite Argyle Sweater collection – and celebrate.


  1. Linda flynn says:

    No one on my family can figure out what Wally is floating on and why he is ahead of his time.
    Please answer. We have been on this for 2 hours. Linda Flynn

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