July 12, 2020

The Best Part of Waking Up

is actually waking up – if you’re Charlie Sheen.

Yeah, considering Chuck’s reputation, it was no surprise that he was back in the news recently.  As various news outlets reported, after a hearty night of partying (which allegedly included, you guessed it – porn stars and cocaine) Charlie was rushed to the E.R.  He was quickly released from the hospital and is now, reportedly, undergoing in-home treatment.

Now, you’re probably asking yourself two things:  ”Scott, how do you get such soft, supple, yet manly skin?”  and “What does Charlie Sheen have to do with The Argyle Sweater?”

Let me answer your second question first:  Interestingly enough – through my comic, I predicted the Charlie Sheen meltdown.  Yep.  Hours before the debacle was reported, my comic ran in newspapers nationwide that foretold of Mr. Sheen’s downfall.  Click here to see the cartoon.  Click here to see the article the NY Daily news ran regarding the coincidence – er, I mean, prediction.

I know, I know – predicting Charlie Sheen’s self-destruction is a bit like predicting that the sun will set, or that Old Faithful will erupt or that winners from “The Bachelor” (insert any season) will break up.  But when the stars align for you like this, you have to bask and revel in your prognosticatory success/serendipity because it may never happen again.

And the answer to your first question:  Jergens.

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