May 20, 2024

Sunday, Bloody Sunday

For those of you who’ve been asking when the Sundays will be fixed in the archive…

Voila! It’s fixed! The Sunday archives are now fully functional.

Many thanks to Mark and Darren.


  1. Rick says:

    I have now bought two of your daily calendars(2010 and 2011) and I am a fan of yours. You obviously have a strange but funny sense of humor like Gary Larson of Far Side! I was looking at todays comic about Victoria’s secret. Did you notice that the image in the mirror is not a mirror image? Haha! That was a good laugh too! Keep up the good work! How long have you been drawing the Argyle Sweater? Rick

    • scotthilburn says:

      Thanks Rick,

      I think my editor mentioned that about the mirror image when it originally ran in newspapers but you’re the first reader to ever notice.
      I’ve been drawing Argyle since 2006, so it’ll be 5 years in September. However, April marks my 3rd year of syndication!
      Thanks again!

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