May 21, 2018

Tragedy in Chicago

Okay, maybe it’s not quite tragic for everyone, but it is for me. I’ve just been informed by my syndicate that The Chicago Tribune has made some changes -some tragic changes.
Apparently, the Trib has changed their comics format – essentially down-sizing it and cut 5 of it’s newest comics in the process. A lot of newspapers, when cutting costs, cut comics. And when newspapers cut comics, it’s often the newest comics that get cut.
I suspect the logic is that the newest comics will have the fewest loyal readers and won’t cause much of a ruckus when it goes missing. For me (and I’m sure all of the other cartoonists affected) this is a big loss – in readership and income.

Anyhow, here’s my plea:
If you live in the Chicago area and enjoy The Argyle Sweater in the Tribune, please e-mail the editor and let them know that you enjoy it and that you’d like to see it reinstated.
Also, if you have a blog or a Twitter account, I encourage you to encourage others to do the same. You’d be surprised at what a difference a few voices can make.

For those wishing to request The Argyle Sweater’s reinstatement, the feature editor’s name is Geoff Brown.
Send all e-mails to:
or snail mail:
Geoff Brown,
Chicago Tribune, 435 N Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60611

Thanks in advance,


  1. mand says:

    I’m afraid i’m nowhere near Chicago (though i have heard of it(!)) but when i finish my novel (about 18 months) and revise it (another year) and get a publisher and need a cover artist (some time in 2012 if the world doesn’t end then) i’m planning to ask you. So please don’t starve with too absolute finality in your garret, at least not before then. ;0)

    And now i’m off to tweet your plight.

  2. Myrna says:

    Is that just on Sunday’s or are they planning to cut you every day? We live in Chicago and cutting your cartoon would absolutely suck. It’s the funniest one in the paper…my teenage daughter and I actually laugh out loud reading it. Love it. I’ll go tweet and Facebook you’re plight.

  3. scotthilburn says:

    Hi Mand and Myrna. Thanks for commenting and thanks for the kind words. Hopefully if enough readers write in, the editors will re-instate my panel.

    Myrna- Right now, I’ve only been told that they’re dropping the Sunday. I apprecieate you tweeting about it and hope you’ll write the editor as well! Thanks!

  4. mand says:

    Well, my hugely popular tweet had 15 clicks (but some of those are people i know live in the States!) and i’m about to put you in my sidebar, where i’m ashamed to say i didn’t think of putting you before. (One day i will be professional about all this…)

  5. Cousin Steve says:

    I love funny and I know when funny comes along. And your funny. It is great that I found you. I can’t remember what paper I saw one of your comics in but it became my instant favorite. It hangs in a special place for all to see.

    It’s the “caveman telescope salesman”. I literally laughed for weeks every time I thought about it. I still do, actually. A very talented mind had to come up with that. Your good.

    I was looking for a pick me up and did a search on Argyle Sweater and found you. I also checked out the other comics you have on the dated site. Good stuff. I am sorry to hear about the loss of Chicago Tribune. True shame to have your talent restricted. I will send a shout out to my local editor. I could use your stuff everyday.

    Damn, that telescope thing is funny!

  6. brian says:

    Good luck Scott. I had a nightmare war with the Trib when they dropped DeD. It was nasty.

    Anyway, picked up a couple of your cards for my Nephews' b-days (they're twins). They adored them!

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