July 22, 2018

Live Forever

…In my comic, that is.

Yep, Borders bookstores, Andrews McMeel/Universal and The Argyle Sweater have teamed to provide you with an opportunity to become immortalized in an authentic Argyle Sweater comic panel that will appear in Borders Shortlist, newspapers all over the world and quite possibly in future calendars and book collections. Aside from comic immortality, the winner will also get to keep the original artwork which can be valuable on many levels. Sentimentally, it’s a great family heirloom and collector’s item, visually, it looks wonderful laminated or even better, matted, framed and hung on your office wall and functionally, it works great as birdcage liner (your choice, depending on your needs).

There’s no purchase necessary, you don’t have to come up with a witty caption to a fill in a blank comic, you don’t even have to mail anything in. How do you enter?

Go here: http://borders.gocomics.com/ fill out the requested information, read the official rules and that’s it!


  1. Botond says:

    sure, you have to be US resident :(
    What about the rest Argyle Sweater fans all around the world?

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