April 24, 2019

Just for you (and anyone like you)

You ever asked anyone, “What’s today’s date?” Do you like to laugh, chuckle or smile? Do you like looking at colorful, pretty pictures? Do like to be thought of by your peers as an ultra-intelligent and super attractive person with exquisite taste in humor? If you answered no to any of those questions, then don’t click the following link – otherwise, boy, have I got the thing for you: Check it out.

You should feel special. You’re the only one I’ve told about this exciting new product. You know, because we’re such good friends and all.

Not sure if it’s available in stores yet (if not, it should be by next month) but it looks like you can already order it online.


  1. Cracker says:

    Sweet! Is there going to be a page-a-day version for 2008? I’ve gone with Pearls Before Swine for 2 straight years, time for a change in my office.

  2. scotthilburn says:

    If you mean 2009 – yep, it’s already in the stores!

  3. Lucas Turnbloom says:

    I can’t wait to see the displays in the stores!

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