February 23, 2020

Hear ye, hear ye!!

Today’s the day.
It’s a bittersweet day – but it’s one I’ve looked forward to for quite some time.
Today’s the day that The Argyle Sweater finally made it’s way into print.
Unfortunately, I can’t pick up my local paper to see it – as Dallas has yet to add it to their comics line-up. Hopefully, that will change, but for now, I’m relying on you to e-mail me and to let me know if it appeared in your paper and how it looked!

Here’s Universal’s press release.


  1. Mike Lynch says:

    Congratulations, Scott! E&P reports you’re in 130 print & Web outlets! That’s amazing! Keep up the great and funny work!

  2. scotthilburn says:

    Thanks Mike!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hey! Your comic is in my local paper, all the way in snowy Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA. It’s great. i usually don’t get into single panel strips, but i really really like yours.

  4. scotthilburn says:


    I’ve always heard Canadians(especially Edmontonians) were known for their high I.Q.s and their sophisticated taste in humor.

    Apparently both are true :)
    Thanks again.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Your insanely funny comic was in The Washington Post today on page 3 of the Style section, where they usually run Doonesbury. Congratulations! And thanks–I laughed out loud!

  6. KarlCBL says:

    Just thought I shoot you a line and say how much I enjoy the comic. Never really been a comic strip person, but today, May 14th, in our local Santa Cruz Sentinel, your 3 Little Piggies “Alive” parody was by far the funniest comic I have ever seen. I laughed, my wife laughed, and now that it’s on the refrigerator our friends and relatives will laugh.

    My god the puns!

  7. Suetois says:

    I saw Argyle Sweater in the Washington Post and loved it! I emailed the Post to tell them so. Hopefully, they listen to their readers and make you a regular part of the paper. Thanks for making me laugh.

  8. scotthilburn says:

    Thanks everyone!

    Btw, we’re in the process of making a few changes to my site. Some of the changes have already been made while the rest should be completed by next week. I’ll begin updating my blog then as well!

  9. Suzanne Macpherson says:

    Reporting in from the Seattle Times where “The Kitch of Death” appeared today June 11, 2008. Truly a favorite of mine at this point due to a piece of fiction I’m working on that involves plastic flamingos.

    It was so–Far Side Worthy.

    Congrats! Suzanne

  10. Anonymous says:

    I saw your cartoon in The Los Angeles Times. “The Kitsch of Death” was what inspired me to find your blog/webpage. It appears that the different outlets do not publish uniformly. Is there/will there be a compendium in book form so that one can see missed cartoons? (BTW, I’m Canadian, too–maybe there’s something in your sense of humour that appeals to Canadians).

  11. scotthilburn says:

    Suzanne: Thanks!

    Anonymous: There will be a book that will be out in the Spring. This fall, however, will be a 2009 day to day calendar with 365 of my past comics inside that will be sold exclusively through Borders bookstores.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Your comic recently started in The Fresno Bee. It’s great to have something actually funny back on the funny pages!

  13. tari says:

    i read in in the Fresno Bee, too. and my family loves it!

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