July 15, 2019

I read The Argyle Sweater before the Argyle sweater was cool.

I have 3 things to address…

1) I’ve had several requests this year for Christmas cards. Unfortunately, I didn’t think quickly enough to prepare any this year. Next year though – I promise.

2) Yes, I have been re-running some past strips. This will give some of those just getting on board with The Argyle Sweater a chance to see some strips that they may have missed. There’s actually a much bigger reason for all of this – but I, unfortunately, can’t reveal why just yet. I should be able to let you know a little more soon after the holidays. Stick around.

3) That second thing brings me to my third thing…Okay, kids – big things are happening at The Argyle Sweater and here’s your chance to show the world that you were on The Argyle Sweater bandwagon long before they were. For a limited time only, I have new, “I was there from the beginning” apparel available for men and women. These are limited editions as these shirts will ONLY be available from now until the end of the year! After the holidays, I’m pulling the designs for good and only those who had the foresight to act immediately will walk away with the goods. If you enjoy The Argyle Sweater, don’t miss out on this one time opportunity.

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