May 21, 2018

Let’s do launch!

There are two new features that have recently launched and I think both are worth mentioning. I’ve become friends with the creators of both comics and think that both of these guys are excellent writers and as well as great humorists.

The first feature, which has actually been online at its own website for several months now, just launched today (11/05/07) at GoComics. It’s called Pinkerton and it’s created by Mike Witmer, the author of another popular feature, 44 Union Avenue. Over the past year or so, Mike’s become a good friend and his new comic has quickly become one of my favorites.

I was going to explain his comic to you, but the writers at GoComics have already done a better job of describing it than I ever could have:

“ Need a change of scenery? Welcome to Pinkerton National Park. Meet Buckley, a happy-go-lucky fox, lover of walks in the forest and hedgehog fajitas. And Tucker Rabbit, a brash, sarcastic divorced sourpuss – with 42 offspring he craves, unsurprisingly, the sound of silence. Then there’s Steve, the guinea pig raised as a Moose, and his do-gooder guardian and younger brother Martin, a well-antlered fullblood. There’s mischief and mayhem in the glens and hollows of Pinkerton, not to mention what goes on in Fern’s bar – often involving Wayne and Percy, the dishwashing ferrets. So pull up a stump: The wild has never been more weird.”

Check it out daily at

The next feature is by Scott Metzger. Scott was a very vocal supporter of The Argyle Sweater when I was just getting started and needless to say, through numerous e-mails, Scott and I have become friends. With that said, that is *not* the reason I’m mentioning Scott’s comic – the truth is, Scott’s a great cartoonist. He previously created the comic strip, “Tree”, but recently discontinued the strip in favor of his newest adventure which debuted on Halloween – “Stewart”. Stealing from Scott’s website:

“The strip revolves around a naive yet ambitious bison named Stewart who wants to be more than just a bison. Stewart decides to move out of the paddock in Golden Gate Park to rent a nearby apartment. He’s a bison trying to make it in the big city.”

Scott’s comic timing in Tree was impeccable and Stewart looks to be no different.
Updating Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, check out Stewart at:
Also, listen to Scott’s entertaining podcast interview with Tom Racine, Brian Dunaway and Justin Thompson at


  1. Rick Ellis says:

    I’ve always liked Mike’s and Scott’s work. Their writing has been great and their artwork suited their characters.

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