May 21, 2018

Bag of Nickels

There are a lot of cartoonists out there that are really busy guys and seem to have a lot of irons in the fire – and I don’t know how they do it. Guys working on two strips like Darrin Bell with Candorville and Rudy Park or like Jerry Scott who does the writing for Zits and Baby Blues or guys with a hand in other projects outside of print – like Steve Moore who does In the Bleachers and executive produced (as well as co-created) the animated feature film Open Season. Again, I don’t know how these guys do it.

But there’s one very talented cartoonist in particular that really baffles me. His name is Scott Nickel. During the day he writes for Jim Davis’ PAWS inc. After hours he works on his own syndicated comic strip, Triple Take with Todd Clark for King Features. He also has two new comics that are soon to launch on GoComics: His and Hers, launching August 6th and Go Team Bob, a comic he writes with John Jagusak launching on August 13th. He also creates another single panel comic on Comics Sherpa called Show Buzz. Oh, and he’s also created greeting cards and children’s books.
Where does he find the time??? I only have one panel – and my hands are FULL.
My hat’s off to you Scott.

See Mr. Nickel’s work (in one form or another) here:
or here:
or here: (coming soon)
or here: (coming soon)
or here:

And in contrast, you can always see all of my work, here:


  1. Rick Ellis says:

    I know what you mean. He’s got all the creative burners going on his stove and then some and I just got a little camp fire with a slab of meat on a pointy stick.
    How does he find the time?

  2. hungrydog says:

    You are joking! He must be able to draw without the aid of a pencil and an eraser… Seriously, that guy can’t sleep.

  3. Scott Nickel says:

    My Secret? I’ve trained my eight cats as assistants. Luci-fur, the overweight tabby, writes the Garfield stuff at Paws; Magic and Oreo handle HIS & HERS; Panda writes and pencils SHOW BUZZ, while Marshmallow inks it; the new twins, Chip and Pepper, write GO TEAM BOB, and Midnight works on greeting cards and pitches the occasional children’s book idea. I mostly nap and occasionally spot check their work.

  4. Rick Ellis says:


    I needs some cats.

  5. scotthilburn says:

    Sheesh. I’ve had cats and I couldn’t even get them to change their own litterbox.

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