July 12, 2020


The iPhones are here and they are the coolest gadget to hit the market in… well, they’re the coolest gadget ever. However, coolness comes with a hefty price tag – if you can spare the $500-600 though, you can toss your razr, your ipod, and your laptop (and everything else) aside to make room for the all-in one iPhone. It does pretty much everything but shine your shoes:

Thought this was pretty funny too. Apparently people here in Dallas stood in line for hours (as I’m sure they did pretty much everywhere) to be the first to get an iPhone. Looks like it paid off really well for one guy. If you listen closely, you’ll hear Nelson Muntz pointing and laughing in the background – hilarious: click here

And last, since I’m talking about Apple, I thought I’d throw this in. I’m not espousing any particular political view – I just think this is funny – whichever side of the fence you’re on:

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