April 23, 2014


I received an e-mail the other day regarding my April 13th comic. The e-mail informed me that the day’s panel was overly-similar to a comic already done by Gary Larson. I get a lot of Far Side comparisons so, at first, I thought nothing of it. However, because it mentioned a specific date, I later became bothered by it. I did a little research only to find that he was right – they were more than similar. I e-mailed my editor explaining the situation and asked him what he suggested I do. He replied that this happens quite often. He went on to say that artists often internalize other artists work. I suppose an idea or concept can somehow get lost in one’s subconscious and resurface weeks, months or in this case, years later without realizing that you’ve seen the idea before. Apparently, this happens often enough that a Seinfeld episdode was written around it. Anyhow, my editor suggested that it wasn’t a big deal – but to avoid any further confusion, I’ve decided to remove the comic in question from my archive. I’m quite embarrassed by the mishap and I send my sincerest apologies to Gary Larson as well as to all readers of my comic for any misunderstanding.

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